Monday, April 06, 2009

ASS Factor of FHM and MediaCorp

I bet anyone who has tuned in Channel 5 of MediaCorp in Singapore would not be able to ignore a bunch or SPG mother fuckers, and trust me, you can’t help but noticed that these girls are not only ugly mother fuckers epitomizing most of the SPG in Singapore but also highlighted their lowly educated dumbness, on TV promoting the recently inaugurated series sponsored and created by FHM.

The question that they asked were simple, though it wasn’t raise throughout the trailer but one should know how the question was phrase for these girls were so straight forward with their answers; The question being… What do you think “S” stands for in S Factor? These were their answers: “Sassy, sexy… Sophisticated…” What da fuck? Sophisticated!!! Don’t they know what they signed up for? Sassy? Maybe… Sexy? I think they are so dumb that they can’t distinguish between sexy and slutty but sophisticated??? What da fuck!!!

This must me the trashiest programming coming from any production ever. I though Keeping up with the Kardashians and Paris Hilton’s Simple life is trashy but, trust me, these are these reality shows pale compare to S Factor which also, come to think about it, gives girls gone wild a run of their money. At least the neither Paris nor the Kardashians speak with an atrocious accent; though contents of their speech that utter out of Paris and the Kardashians mouth sounds dumb but when the girls on S Factor talks, they make me cringe. What are the foreigners that watch out show without any preconception of Singaporean culture thinks? Why is this show approved by the MDA?

I remember that the show I hosted and exec produce for Channel 12, Party Guide for an Urbanite, a few years ago didn’t survive after the first season but yet they kept repeating the show over and over again on TV. I remember that one of the reasons given was that this show is too gay. I was hosted by garret and me, two eloquent presentable metrosexual guy teaching the world how to throw a party, teaching them how to design and cook is way too gay for MDA’s comfort, hence we are asked to inject a girl, another wonderful brianiac host, Vivian Tan to join us after the 5th episodes to “degaify” it. I would like to take this opportunity to urge anyone has a chance to watch it, I have a feeling that you will think that it is not gay at all

This show is demeaning to participants though they don’t mind making a fool of themselves, they should at least have the self-respect. My personal thought for this series is simple; throw in some dumb ugly girls without any self-respect, make them wear as skimpy as possible, have them participate in all the lesbian/homoerotic girl on girl mud fight, and there you have it; a show which the expats would be able to fantasize and objectify the “exotic” looking girls. And I know it’s going to be mostly expat cause many Asian friends of my thought that these girls are so ugly that even with the homoerotic girl on girl is not going to turn them on.

Here is truly my moment of Zen on Singapore programming; I have been in this industry working in many countries and my latest gig was in Beijing, I personally think that Beijing produce has surpass our creativity and production value at least 30 years ahead of Singapore.

Here is what I think MediaCorp is doing. MediaCorp is afraid that they might hurt their rating if then produce any sophisticated or smart content which require comprehending and contemplating on their program, and knowing that Singaporean really don’t mind anything of less quality but it has to be instant gratification, hence the term I coined “seven eleven mentality”, Singapore Media is all about dumbing down to the public, with this direction behind a TV network, you know it’s creating a vicious cycle. This concept of dumbing down to the audience just baffled me, it’s not like Singapore audiences have that many choice of public network to choose from, and having said that, there is no time to loose in upgrading our audience mentality.

Take CCTV for example, they produce highly intelligent series with in old Chinese language. I was lucky to be able to understand cause I was Chinese educated when I was young hence I could understand at least 90% of what the series offer. Being able to host and propose a show in China goes to prove my point. Some of my subordinate’s Chinese are on even up to half of my par. My point is, if I can only understand 90% of classic Chinese conversation without any modern paraphrasing, this is a latent action to have the audience do their own homework so that they don’t have to produce dumb content.

Same goes for Oprah, I would strongly suggest that MediaCorp use Oprah as an role model. Her followings used to be only the lower to lower middle class audience, turning up only trashy programming for her target audience, but with her persistence she finally prevail, and look at her audience right now. She inspires the lower and lower middle class to become a middle to upper middle class.

I hope MediaCorp should take my advise and veer their direction on a complete different path so that wet market “Ah So” or “Ah Chec” know quality when they sees it. And only with this direction can Singaporean shake that stereotype that all the foreigners have towards us.

This is how most of Singapore Females sound like... And I rest my case.

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