Monday, April 06, 2009

I came across a news from KGO, San Francisco Channel 7 news, about food compost. I have heard of compost from yard trimmings and manure, but food compost? Now, I’m extremely ecstatic, jumping through the roof for this great news.

Each day, despite the hunger that’s going on around the world, first world or the better off developing countries, with excess food supply, threw away tons of perishable to the garbage costing the world it’s environmental and financial baggage. Though we can’t put the waste to a halt but we can’t ease our environment and financial burden composting our putrescible scrapes into a better use. Food compost is the only way we can help our environment when dealing with inconsumable perishables.

We all know that carbon is harmful to the environment. Carbon is been released into the air at a rate that’s so fast our rainforest can’t replace the depleted atmosphere but carbon in the soil is essential to our mother earth. Hence, it’s essential that we replenish our earth with more carbon. The way to go about introducing carbon to the soil is composting food.

Here is the CliffsNotes for food composting. Normally, food scraps are thrown into the garbage much like other household trash. The trash is then trucked to landfills. When decomposition is taking place, they release methane gas to the atmosphere which is 27 times more potent then carbon dioxide.

With the advent for latest composting technology, they are able to trap more carbon in the soil. Microbes love carbon in the soil and with more microbes available, the plants are protected by them, as a result, the plant yield more without introducing pesticide, making them really organic.

I just can’t imagine why we don’t use this technology when it’s available to us. I do urge that Singapore and other countries could follow suite ASAP.

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